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  • There are around 200 million people who watch the ESC live?
  • That the host country is automatically placed for the final?
  • That 'The Big Five' (Spain, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, France) countries are automatically placed for the final?
  • That each participating country can distribute points twice via televoting and a professional jury?
  • That these professional juries award the first 50% of the points and the viewers at home the other half?
  • That a country can not give points to its own participant?
  • That Russia returned to the stage after a year's absence in 2018?
  • That Australia could finally participate in the 60th anniversary edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015?
  • That because of the enormous success and popularity in Australia they could also participate in the following years?
  • That Israel, despite being outside Europe, is allowed to participate because the country is affiliated with the European Broadcasting Union?
  • It is forbidden to play songs with political content?
  • There are also very concrete plans to organize a song festival in Asia called Eurovision Asia?
  • The final of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018 could be followed live in the United States for the third time in a row?
  • Will Ferrell was spotted in Lisbon and will star in the comedy "Eurovision" on Netflix?
  • The authors of the winning song of 2018 received a warning from Universal Music because the song 'Toy' sounded like "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes?

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