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Participants Eurovision Song Contest 2021

The Eurovision Song Contest 2020 was unfortunately canceled due to the corona virus, but will still be held in Rotterdam in 2021. All artists and their songs for the 2020 edition were already known, but the EBU has announced that the songs with which all participants would perform in 2020 will be excluded from participation in 2021. However, the artists are still allowed to perform in 2021. Every country will have to look for a new song and some countries such will organize new preliminary rounds. Every country that is a member of the European Radio Union can take part in the Eurovision Song Contest, including countries that are not within the European borders. The Netherlands and Switzerland will participate for the 61th time during ESC 2021, but Germany surpasses everything: they will participate for the 64th time.

The Netherlands may organize the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021. After the victory of Duncan Laurence in 2019, The Netherlands is automatically placed for the grand final on Saturday. Just like Spain, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and France. They are part of 'The Big Five' countries that make the biggest financial contribution to the festival. All other participants will have to compete in the semi-finals on Tuesday 18 May and Thursday 20 May for a final spot.

The participants of Eurovision 2021 (with reservation)

Country Artist Song
Albania Anxhela Peristeri Karma
Armenia Athena Manoukian -
Australia Montaigne -
Austria Vincent Bueno -
Azerbaijan Samira Efendi -
Belarus - -
Belgium Hooverphonic -
Bulgaria VICTORIA -
Croatia Albina Tick Tock
Cyprus Elena Tsagrinou El Diablo
Czech Republic Benny Cristo Omaga
Denmark - -
Estonia - -
Finland Blind Channel Dark Side
France Barbara Pravi Voilà
Georgia Tornike Kipiani -
Germany Jendrik Sigwart I Don't Feel Hate
Greece Stefania Liberakakis Last Dance
Iceland Daði & Gagnamagnið -
Ireland Lesley Roy Maps
Israel Eden Alene Set Me Free
Italy Diodato -
Latvia Samanta Tina -
Lithuania The Roop Discoteque
Malta Destiny Chukunyere -
Moldova Natalia Gordienko -
North Macedonia Vasil -
Norway TIX Fallen Angel
Poland Alicja Szemplińska -
Portugal - -
Romania Roxen -
Russia Little Big -
San Marino Senhit -
Serbia Hurricane -
Slovenia Ana Soklič Amen
Spain Blas Cantó Voy a quedarme
Sweden - -
Switzerland Gjon's Tears -
The Netherlands Jeangu Macrooy -
Ukraine Go_A Shum
United Kingdom James Newman -

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