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Participants Eurovision Song Contest 2019

These 41 countries will participate in the 64th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019. Every country that is a member of the European Radio Union can take part in the Eurovision Song Contest, including countries that are not within the European borders. The Netherlands and Switzerland will participate for the 60th time during ESC 2019, but Germany surpasses everything: they will participate for the 63rd time.

Compared to last year, there are a few differences: Russia returns and Bulgaria and Ukraine have withdrawn. The Bulgarian broadcaster BNT has decided (due to financial problems) not to send an entry to Israel. In Ukraine, Maruv won the preliminary rounds of the Eurovision Song Contest, but the national broadcaster claimed, among other things, that she had to cancel her scheduled concerts in Russia. Maruv did not agree with the requirements and after also the numbers 2 and 3 have announced they no longer have interest to travel to Tel Aviv, the national broadcaster decided to withdraw from participation.

Israel may organize the Eurovision Song Contest for the third time in 2019. After the victory of Netta Barzilai in 2018, Israel is automatically placed for the grand final on Saturday. Just like Spain, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and France. They are part of 'The Big Five' countries that make the biggest financial contribution to the festival. All other 37 participants will have to compete in the semi-finals on Tuesday and Thursday for a final spot.

Eurovision in Concert 2019 in Amsterdam

In 2019 there will be another Eurovision in Concert. The 11th edition of this event will take place on April 6, 2019 in Afas Live in Amsterdam. Many participants of Eurovision 2019 will make their appearance. The hosts of Eurovision in Concert 2019 are Marlayne Sahupala (ESC 1999) and Cornald Maas.

More ESC participants in the future?

During a press conference Jon Ola Sand (Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest) indicated that it is very well possible that in the future North African countries such as Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia will take part in the Eurovision Song Contest. These countries are full EBU members and according to Jon it is a misunderstanding that the Eurovision song contest is only accessible to European countries.

Michael Rice ESC 2019 participant United Kingdom

The entry for Tel Aviv was chosen from Salford. There were six artists and three songs. The three songs were sung in two versions by two different artists. The final of 'You Decide' was on Friday 8th February and won by Michael Rice. He will perform the song Bigger Than Us in Tel Aviv.

The participants of Eurovision 2019 Israel

Country Artist Song
Albania Jonida Maliqi Ktheju tokës
Armenia Srbuk Walking out
Australia Kate Middler-Heidke Zero Gravity
Austria Pænda Limits
Azerbaijan Chingiz Truth
Belarus ZENA Like It
Belgium Eliot Wake Up
Croatia Roko Blažević The Dream
Cyprus Tamta Replay
Czech Republic Lake Malawi Friend of a Friend
Denmark Leonora Love Is Forever
Estonia Victor Crone Storm
North Macedonia Tamara Todevska Proud
Finland Darude Look Away
France Bilal Hassani Roi
Georgia Oto Nemsadze Sul Tsin Iare
Germany S!sters Sister
Greece Katerine Duska Better love
Hungary Joci Pápai Az én apám
Iceland Hatari Hatrið mun sigra
Ireland Sarah McTernan 22
Israel Kobi Marimi Home
Italy Mahmood Soldi
Latvia Carousel That Night
Lithuania Jurijus Run with the Lions
Malta Michela Pace Chameleon
Moldova Anna Odobescu Stay
Montenegro D-mol Heaven
Norway KEiiNO Spirit in the Sky
Poland Tulia Pali się
Portugal Conan Osíris Telemóveis
Romania Ester Peony On A Sunday
Russia Sergej Lazarev Scream
San Marino Serhat Say Na Na Na
Serbia Nevena Božović Kruna
Slovenia Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl Sebi
Spain Miki La venda
Sweden John Lundvik Too late for love
Switzerland Luca Hänni She Got Me
The Netherlands Duncan Laurence Arcade
Ukraine Withdrawn
United Kingdom Michael Rice Bigger Than Us

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